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We highly believe in learning!
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We bring together the drive of young entrepreneurs especially women and the power of cutting-edge technology to bring safe and reliable financial services to underserved business communities all over Africa.


Africa is awakening, Technology has unleashed a huge wave of change across many African Countries and has improved millions of lives. We value learning and we encourage you to explore, develop your marketing strategies and increase customer acquisition 

We are very passionate about helping your business thrive, which is why we are primarily focused on developing a great work culture, which attracts great and talented minds being Webtech is key to thriving.

Sketch by Jesse

Sydney Tembo

Founder & CEO of webtech

Gisele site1

Gisele Tuisenge

Brand ambassador at Webtech group

Jessie Olive

Market Strategist at Webtech group

Pam Lipton

Risk & Compliance support

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